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Potted Plants

Our potted plants are popular year around.
Choose from the following, subject to availability.  All plants come beautiful wrapped (unless a ceramic pot or container is indicated.)    We also offer ceramic pots at $17.88

Six Inch Plants - limited availability during the winter - please call

Order Azalea $29.99  sold out

Order Begonia $24.99    sold out

Order Mums $24.99  sold out

Order Cyclamen $24.99  sold out

We also have a good selection of other flowering plants including Calla Lilies, Peace Lilies, Anthurium, Cyclamens as well as  various tropical plants and large house plants.



We are known for our high quality orchids. These are our most popular potted plant. Our orchids are the phalanopsis variety which is very hardy and easily cared for.

Order Large potted orchid in white or dark purple* $64.99

Order Small potted orchid in white or purple* $36.99 

*Purple colour subject to availability

Potted Double Orchid

For something special we also offer  double stem orchids presented in a ceramic container - $98.88 - Please order the large orchid and in the note section indicate the you would like the  double stem.  Please call for availability



Planter Baskets

alanchoe in planter basket

Planter Baskets include both flowering and non flowering plants and are presented in a lovely container.   Shown is our medium planter.     Succulent Planters are also popular.   The large succulent planter shown in the photo is 18" long $79.88 - and makes a great gift.     We also have a selection of smaller succulent planters priced at 45.88.  Please note that they may not always be available and we recommend that you call us to confirm availability before ordering.

OrderSmall planter basket ( three plants ) $38.99

OrderMedium planter basket ( four plants ) $48.99

OrderLarge planter basket (5) $56.99  


We do carry a lovely selection of plants in the store available on a seasonal basis - give us a call and we would be happy to discuss other options